Data Upload Form and Bug Report

If you have a problem that requires sending your data to us please fill and submit the form below. Please note that large data sets (larger then 200Mb) have to be sent on CD. Remember to compress the data before uploading.
All requests must be authorized by the Primary Licensee (PI). 
This form is a place to request data processing support, but you can also submit a bug report using the following form. Before submitting a bug report, please ensure that the problem is not already known:
  1. Have you checked the Frequently Asked Questions?
  2. Have you checked the HKL on-line documentation ?
  3. Have you tested the newest version of HKL ?
Please, do not send us a request for data processing support or a bug report as a regular e-mail. Remember that you will not receive a reply, if you do not use the following form.
* denotes required fields. Red-boxed areas are particularly helpful and should be double-checked before submission.


Please input the following information:

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Describe the data set you want to upload to our server by FTP or sent us on CD:

media format: 
data set description:  ex: lysozyme  *
image name and range:  ex: lyso_####.sfrm:0001-0100 *
data directory:  enter CD for CD_ROM data *


Experimental Details

Please give the experimental details:

detector family:  *
detector model:  *
detector location:  *
detector beamline:  *
temperature conditions: 
space group: 
unit cells:        a,b,c
wavelength:  [in Å] *
beam position x:  [in mm] *
beam position y:  [in mm] *
crystal to detector distance:  [in mm] *
oscillation angle:  *
program version:  *

Please describe the problem with the data set:

If you are sending your data to us, please describe the problem. In case of bug report please give a full description of the problem: what happened, what we should do to generate the error again, and what you were expecting to see happen instead. Include any exact error messages given (just paste the text into this box). Anything that you can tell us to help us reproduce this bug will help. Additional details about your computer and its configuration will also help us.